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Fence and Trellising Posts

     Advantages to using pine products are numerous. The pine posts that Ontario Pine Forest Products Ltd. produces are a result of plantation management without damage tosensitive wetlands where most cedars grow. These logs are mechanically peeled into posts, then sorted, graded, end-trimmed, put into size lifts and finally, left to dry. After they have dried down to a low moisture content, they are C.C.A. pressure treated. Pressure treated pine posts will significantly outlast cedar ones by many years, thus further preserving our wetlands.
     After treating, a new process is used whereby the posts undergo an accelerated fixation in a conditioning chamber to ensure that they are environmentally friendly. These posts, when properly treated, will then last in excess of 30 years. Ontario's red and jack pine and tamarack have a shear strength approximately one third (1/3) greater than Ontario cedar. Where one would normally use a 6" small end diameter cedar post, one could use a 4" small end diameter pine post, resulting in approximately the same shear strength.
     Ontario Pine Forest Products Ltd. stock and sell pressure treated round pine posts in sizes ranging from tree stakes (1.5-2.9") to 7" in diameter on the small end, and in lengths ranging from 8' to 12' (2' increments with limited numbers of 9' and 11'). As well, special order lengths and diameters can be cut to order.

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