Pre-Commercial Thinning
Types of Thinning
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     Pre-commercial Thinning is the first step to a healthy and managed plantation. It is accomplished by removing complete rows for present and future access, and selectively removing live trees from within the remaining rows. Distorted, diseased and deformed trees are also removed at this time with the surrounding thinning being modified. The remaining trees can now get more light, and can use more of the moisture and nutrients in the soil to maintain good health and growth.
     The slashings and unsalvageable wood are left on the forest floor to rot down and slowly add more nutrients back into the soil for the benefit of the remaining trees. Some of the wood thinned can be salvaged and some cannot. Sometimes, what is salvaged will meet the cost of the thinning. However, in some cases, it may cost to have the plantation thinned pre-commercially.

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