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     Ontario Pine Forest Products Ltd. was incorporated on June 1, 1993 to take raw posts, pressure treat them and market them. Because of supplier unreliability, Ontario Pine Forest Products Ltd. began to thin red pine plantations by hand, or contracted others to cut for us. At this time, we forwarded the cut posts from the bush, peeled, graded, and dried them down to 18% moisture content before having them pressure treated.
     Today, with our own harvester, forwarder and peeling equipment, Ontario Pine Forest Products Ltd. is in control of the complete proper plantation management and production of raw untreated pine posts and poles, but we still ship them out for pressure treating.
     Ontario Pine Forest Products Ltd. uses a specially designed and built thinning harvester which is a narrow, relatively short, articulated, rubber-tired machine with a 7 m reach. With its flotation tires and reach, it has the ability to work in a plantation with very little damage to the remaining trees or the forest floor. The forwarder is used to transport the salvageable wood to the landing and/or peeling yard. Being similar in design to the harvester, it also moves through the plantation with minimal damage to the remaining stand or the forest floor.

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