Managing a forest properly, with effective culling and thinning, will dramatically improve the health and yield of the forest. Ontario Pine Forest Products Ltd. specializes in the management, pre-commercial, and first commercial thinning of coniferous plantations in southern Ontario. All salvageable red and jack pine, as well as tamarack, is used in the making of fence posts, while white pine and spruce are used for saw logs. In certain situations, Ontario Pine Forest Products Ltd. also clears areas of coniferous trees for home building. Mulch from the peeling operation is also used for landscaping.
  At Ontario Pine Forest Products Ltd., we operate in a site sensitive fashion. Our experienced employees operate state of the art machinery to ensure we accomplish our task in the way most beneficial to the plantation and your goals.

     If you would like assistance in having your Southern Ontario plantation managed for its and your long-term benefit, we will gladly have one of our experienced people cruise your plantation in regards to plantation management and give you a complimentary written report.
If you require pressure treated pine posts, poles, saw logs, or wood chips please contact us by phone, fax, or email.

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